Dogs have been an important part of family life for years. They have also been a critical part of the team for military and law enforcement. K9’s have been an essential part of the efforts of keeping their team and the rest of us safe. They are always the first ones through the breach and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their pack. While we can never fully repay the debt we owe to our four-legged partners, with your help we can try to do our part. The Rex Project is our way of raising awareness of the work these animals do on a daily basis as well provide much-needed equipment.

Project Rex was created to help protect working dogs across the country. All proceeds from the Rex line will go to purchasing body armor and other amendments for K9s in the field. Rex received a second chance when he was rescued from the dog pound to now being featured in Call of Duty as well as other high-profile assignments. Now it's his turn to give back to his brothers and sisters who protect us every day.

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