Why AAR is the Best Recovery Supplement in Your Arsenal

Your local supplement shops, stocked with products that promise to help you recover better after intense workouts. I used to find myself scanning each label to find the best one, but most of the time, I found myself supplementing with other vitamins just to fill in the gaps. That’s why we developed After Action Recovery(A.A.R.), the last recovery supplement you’ll ever need.

For many years, it's believed that BCAA’s were all the body craved after a high energy expenditure session in the gym. As we have evolved with modern nutritional knowledge, we now know of the many things that come together to produce optimal recovery results. While single ingredients can be useful for one or multiple purposes, having a combination of active ingredients such as what’s in A.A.R., can help to speed up the recovery process and provide your body with everything it needs to be ready for the next training session. Additional benefits of A.A.R. lead to enhancing your quality of sleep. Thanks to the proven effects of some of the ingredients found in the formula.

What is Recovery?

It might sound like a ridiculous question. Of course, we all know what recovery is; it’s resting and letting the body make the necessary repairs to itself after a workout.

That is part of it, but we typically only consider muscular recovery when we think in these terms. In reality, there is also a nervous system and cognitive recovery as well. These also need to be given their due attention. If we only focused solely on muscular recovery, we would only be partially ready to re-attack the weights the next day as we only focused on a portion of the total recovery chain.

I'm sure that you have all had that feeling after completing a full set of squats or deadlifts, where you felt like your soul was getting ready to leave your body, and you're fine motor skills felt like they had abandoned you as well. That's an example of nervous system fatigue, which happens frequently during high-intensity workouts. While the most noticeable effects may not linger for long, the cumulative trauma that the body has undergone requires time to repair itself. It can be sped up by giving the nervous system everything that it needs to promote its ability to heal.

You may notice a degree of brain fog after a workout. It could be due to several reasons such as a lack of carbohydrates in your diet, but it can also be that you’ve pushed your body to its natural limit and the brain is sprinting to keep up with the glucose demand your muscles are requiring. Again, this is not an uncommon post-workout, and in a high-stress work environment, we need to clear this up as fast as possible. 

Therefore, to have a complete recovery, we need to take in necessary vitamins and minerals the body needs to help promote the repair process. We can typically find everything we need in food. Still, the variety of sources needed to obtain the right amounts of each compound can be tiresome and often forgotten or overlooked.

What Makes AAR The Best

AAR will be the last recovery supplement you’ll ever need to buy for a magnitude of reasons. Ultimately it is because we developed AAR from the base up to include all the vital vitamins and minerals you need to speed up recovery and get back in the gym the next day. To do this, we researched all the key components that address the primary aspects of recovery, muscular, nervous, and cognitive. We ensured that each of these is addressed when developing the formula.

If you’re like us, you hate the inconvenience of having to remember all of the oral vitamins you have to take daily to meet the daily doses of a particular compound. It’s tiresome and becomes more of an inconvenience than anything. That’s why we wanted our recovery formula to be a “one scoop and done” requirement. Now you don’t need to go out and buy other vitamins just to fill in the gap that other products leave. Just scoop, chug, and let the body do the rest.

Many of the ingredients in A.A.R. serve multiple functions in promoting more efficient recovery. Taurine, magnesium, and zinc are such examples. They not only help with nervous system repair, but they also have cognitive recovery qualities as well. It not only makes them a powerhouse trifecta for recovery, but they also aid in helping the body shut down when it’s time to sleep.

One thing you may notice on the A.A.R. label is that not all of the ingredients are at 100% of the daily value. Why would we do this with a “one scoop and done” objective? Because we naturally assume that you are going to be eating something during the day and that these gaps are typically filled with regular food intake. We did this for a couple of reasons. It ensures that you reduce the chances of overloading on a particular ingredient to where the excess goes to waste or, worse, has a counterproductive result. It also allows us to keep the cost reasonable and deliver the most well-rounded recovery supplement out there. It has always puzzled me why certain brands suggest stacking multiple products in their line where the cumulative amounts become too excessive for the body to process efficiently. Therefore, you can stack AAR with any of our other products current and future and get the optimal amount of each essential nutrient.

Lastly, you are getting a full range of B-Complex vitamins. The power of B vitamins cannot be understated. They are responsible for cellular health, nerve function, digestion, and brain health, just to name a few. Their qualities influence our physical capabilities and allow for a multitude of body processes to function to an optimal degree.

When’s the Best Time to Take AAR

Even though AAR is a post-workout recovery, you can take it at any time during the day. Take it first thing in the morning or just before bed. It doesn’t matter because the anabolic window, like unicorns, doesn’t exist—sorry kids.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking, that the best time is undoubtedly immediately posted workout. That is pure bro-science and studies have proved that the anabolic window simply does not exist. What matters is that you take in A.A.R. within 24 hours on either side of your workout?

Personally, I take A.A.R. even on my rest days because I feel that it ensures that I am maintaining the proper momentum with my recovery.

It doesn’t mean though that A.A.R. can only be taken once in 24 hours. It can be taken multiple times per day, depending on your individual needs, or you have gaps in your nutrition. It is IS NOT to say that A.A.R. is a replacement for food. It is still just a supplement to a healthy diet and workout regiment. However, it does help to ensure that the essential nutrient requirements are to be met. Even with a healthy diet, we still, by and large, lack specific vitamins and minerals such as zinc and magnesium.


AAR will prove to be the go-to recovery supplement in your fitness programming. It's designed to cover all the aspects of recovery that others neglect. Where previous products use a formulation based on pseudoscience, we at Bravo Actual did our independent research and filled the gaps that we felt were missing. We also made sure to include the ingredients that would complete the recovery chain, even if there were a lack of dietary nutrition. We’re confident that we won’t have to convince you of the benefits of A.A.R., but that you will feel the difference with just a few uses.


The Bravo Actual Team