Warno™ Pre-Workout Review On Spotterup.com

Spotterup.com contributor, Sabine Brown reviews Warno™ Pre-workout. Sabine is a current law enforcement officer with a passion for fitness and nutrition. Click to read the full review on Spotter Up.

The entire team at Bravo Actual would like to thank Sabine and the Spotterup crew for this opportunity.

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If you were brought to this review via Instagram then you may be aware that I spend a lot of time in the gym…

When I first started hitting the gym everyday I didn’t take a pre-workout. Mostly because well…if you know me at all then you would also know that I have plenty of energy to go around. My family nicknamed me “Rabbit” as a toddler, after the Energizer Bunny, for obvious reasons. It stuck…I’ve carried all of that energy into adulthood. I also took a subtle pride in not “needing” any caffeine to support my lifts.

It wasn’t until I realized the added benefit of pre-workout that I decided to start trying some. I started with low stimulation brands, and eventually transitioned to several other brands with high stimulation (over 300mg). Upon switching to a different work schedule, where I was hitting the gym at night, I required a completely non-stim pre-workout so that I didn’t end up suffering from the effects of caffeine while I was trying to sleep.

As a disclaimer, I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in the field of pre-workouts or supplements, just a person who hits the gym a lot and has no particular loyalty to any brand. That is why when Bravo Actual Supplements asked for me to try their WARNO pre-workout and write up a review I was happy to oblige.

I’ll start with the company. The team at Bravo Actual Supplements is made up of people with backgrounds in military and law enforcement. This obviously plays to my bias, as a law enforcement officer and proud American patriot. Keeping this information in mind, this means the team at Bravo Actual understands the importance of reaching, and maintaining, the highest levels of fitness. Their website clearly lays out their Mission, Purpose, and Vision, all with which I deeply resonate. One of my favorite things about the Bravo Actual ethos is their disclosure of all ingredients on the label so that consumers know exactly what is fueling their bodies.


Flavor and Consistency: 4.5/5

I was sent the WARNO pre-workout in “Patriot Pop”. I opened the package to a fine, white powder and dumped one scoop into 8 ounces of water per the instructions on the label. The supplement bubbled up, turned pink, and I gave it a good shake. I was pleasantly surprised at the dissolution of the powder. I have had many a pre-workout that remained gritty even after having run it through the shaker process several times during the course of my workout. The flavor was extremely accurate; my immediate thought was that it tasted like a melted Bomb Pop from my childhood or Fourth of July. A little sweet, but that is to be expected. Overall I found the flavor to be enjoyable and not too heavy on the palate. Like I said, I was mostly impressed by its silky texture after dissolving.

Ingredients/Effectiveness: 5/5

WARNO contains 6 grams of Citrulline per serving. Citrulline has been very well studied over the past five years and is known to cause an increase in vasodilation[i], aiding in bringing oxygen to the muscles, which in turn, creates that “pump” we all look for…for Instagram posts…you know.

WARNO also contains 3.6 grams of Beta-Alanine per serving. Beta-Alanine is a well-known ingredient in pre-workouts as it is effective in increasing strength and stamina with four to six weeks of consistent use. The clinical dose of Beta-Alanine is 3.2 grams and appears to be safe to use at the recommended dosage, the only known “side-effect” is the tingling sensation that consumers experience shortly after consumption.[ii] I personally like the face-tingling sensation, and to be completely honest, WARNO is the first pre-workout I’ve tried where I clearly felt the tingling effects of Beta-Alanine. Big fan! Studies also show that Beta-Alanine may improve “tactical performance”. Tactical performance is defined as one’s ability to “stick” to a strategy, essentially what drives focus and consistency.

Finally, WARNO contains 250 milligrams of Caffeine Anhydrous (a dehydrated form of caffeine), which is a respectable amount, considering the recommended dosage of caffeine intake for adults is not above 400 milligrams. This leaves room for your morning coffee…or two.

Value: 5/5

At $39.99, with 25 servings per container, WARNO pre-workout is extremely competitive in price compared to other brands, which typically run anywhere in the area of $45.00-$60.00 for 30 servings. I was genuinely surprised to see that Bravo Actual walks out the finale sentence of their Mission Statement “In an industry saturated with competitors looking to make a quick buck from your hard-earned money, you can trust Bravo Actual to treat you as a member of our unit.” It is obvious that Bravo Actual could charge, in the very least, five more dollars for their product, but they choose to remain competitive in pricing.

I completed four workouts after consuming WARNO pre-workout and was actually sent several Instagram messages by current consumers who stated that they loved WARNO pre-workout already. Overall I really enjoyed the product and will be purchasing the Tiger’s Blood flavor. I experienced great results with the most notable positive side effect, for me personally, being an increase in focus over a 90-minute gym session. I did not experience the shaking or jitters associated with other high-stim pre-workouts, experienced an increase in focus and stamina, and enjoyed the “Patriot Pop” flavor and the texture of the beverage.