Jason “Jay” Jolly was born and raised in San Diego California. From a lower class household where he grew up living the Southern California lifestyle, surfing every day, skating and riding BMX. Jason spent most of his weekends with his dad riding dirt bikes in the desert hills. Jason joined the Army in 2003. After multiple 15 month tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan and being stationed in Germany, Fort Bragg, and Fort Irwin. Jason decided to go after something bigger. Jason attended selection in 2009 for the Army Special Forces where he earned the Green Beret and reported to 7th Special Forces Group in 2011. 

Jason has since deployed over 6 times to Afghanistan and South America. In order to be in operational shape at all times Jason works hard staying in shape to remain an asset on his team and to the regiment. 

Making fitness part of his life and helping others achieve their fitness goals. Jason has a passion for showing that anyone can achieve anything they put their mind to and to never let anyone tell you otherwise. He strives to be both a powerful influence and strong role model for his friends, family and teammates. He uses his social media platform to inspire and answer questions for those wanting to get involved in Special Operations, fitness, the gun industry, and to help within the veteran community.